Corporate Philosophy

Complete customer needs with a rigorous attitude

We treat every customer's request with a rigorous attitude, produces high-quality services for customers from a comprehensive perspective.

Provide an exceptional working environment

From a start-up company, FZ has gradually expanded the scale of the firm in recent years. With the goal of stable development and sustainable operation, we provide employees with a stable working environment and a complete welfare system.

Focus on internationalization

In addition to providing services related to domestic intellectual property rights, FZ aims to develop internationally. It also handles applications for patents and trademarks in Taiwan or China for foreign clients.

公司優勢圖_ 豐郁專利商標

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Fz Mao Editor

Hello, my name is Maomao. I am a vigorous leopard cat. I am a male, but my mother castrated me to 3 years old this year. I have lived in an office since I was a child and have contact with intellectual property related businesses, patents, trademarks, and copyright questions are just a piece of cake for me. If you have any further question, please feel free to contact me.